Computer Applications In Music

The following are major categories for computer software applications in music:

Sequencing Programs- This is a program for creating and editing multi-track MIDI performances or sequences.

The sequencer also acts as the central control station for an entire MIDI production studio. 

The primary purpose of a sequencer is to record or capture a musical performance.

Examples of sequencing/loop based programs are Garage Band, Mixcraft, ProTools, Logic, Sonar and Digital Performer.

Soundation is a free web browser based loop and sequencing program that doesn't require any software installation.

Important:  Always check the system requirements of software before you purchase to make sure it is compatible with your computer and home studio.

Music Notation Programs

Music Notation programs are designed to create and print music scores.

These programs are the musical equivalent to a page layout or word processing program and they allow the musician to enter the world of desktop publishing.

Notation programs range from an entry or basic level with a limited number of staves and features to advanced publishing quality programs that can handle large complex scores.

Examples of music notation programs: Sibelius, Finale, Notion and Noteflight. is a free web based music notation program that doesn't require any software installation and can allow you to embed your notation scores directly onto your website. 

Noteflight also allows music notation file sharing among peers.

Notion Music Software and Live Performance

Notion in the Classroom

Patch Librarians

Patch Librarians are designed for transferring, organizing, and storing synthesizer patches.

All synthesizers have limited on-board patch storage capacity. As new sounds are created or purchased by the user, it becomes necessary to store the extra sounds.

A patch librarian program provides that ability.

In addition to merely sending and receiving individual patches, the librarian allows the user to organize sounds into various groupings (called banks) that can be transferred simultaneously.

A Patch Editor goes beyond the librarian capabilities and allows editing of the individual patches of a synthesizer.

Music Education Programs

Music Education Software - There is a wide variety of computer assisted instruction (CAI) software aimed at music education.

Drill and practice programs have been developed for instruction on music theory and music fundamentals.

Such programs include Music Ace, Practica Musica and MiBac Music Lessons. is a web based free music theory drill and practice program that does not require software installation.

Many of the educational programs utilize MIDI input and output.

This allows the student to interact with the computer by playing at a MIDI keyboard and the keyboard can be used for sound production both by the student and the computer.

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