The Hammond Organ

Hammond Organ Invented by Laurens hammond in 1935.

Like the Telharmonium, it used mechanical means to create electronic signals of various frequencies.

Not a compact instrument.

Sound/Timbres were controlled by preset keys or manually through a series of drawbars.  

Timbres were achieved as the fundamental and up to eight harmonics.


Each harmonic is added as its corresponding drawbar is pulled out.

A Hammond organ has two 61-key manuals (keyboards) and a 25-note pedal board.

Lower manual is called the great-Upper manual is called the swell.

Hammond Organ became very popular with jazz and rock groups in the 1970s such as Chicago; Emerson, Lake and Palmer; Jimmy Smith and has regained popularity in the last 10 years with Artists such as Medeski Martin and Wood, Joey Defrancesco and many current pop/rock artists.

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