Welcome to Music Technology Musician.  This is a web site dedicated to music technology for teaching an introduction to music technology concepts in the secondary classroom.  Here you will find a basic course of study in music technology fundamentals. 

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This sequential course of study introduces students to basic music production and technology concepts.  It is
designed for the music educator looking to gain competency in music technology skills and application in the classroom or for an aspiring or professional musician wishing to experience new and emerging technology trends in the field of music.

Music Production and Technology I covers the essential topics a musician should consider when exploring the use of computers and technology as related to the music experience. Discussions of musical styles, forms, history of electronic music and musical elements will be examined. The fundamentals of music technology and the important role they play in music today are also discussed. Topics include multi-track recording, sequencing, music notation, home studios, computer and MIDI applications, sampling, microphones, physics of sound, sound reinforcement, virtual instruments, podcasting, music for film, T.V., multimedia and video games.

In addition, students will gain competency in basic multimedia skills including web design, streaming audio and video and file sharing resources. The student will gain hands on experience in our music lab and will be the artist, composer, producer and recording engineer with a final product produced as an online electronic portfolio.
The units are presented with a sequence in mind but it is not necessary to follow it.  Each unit can stand on its own.

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