OBJECTIVE:  The goal of this unit is to provide an understanding of the basics of microphones and their applications in live performance, recording sessions and home studio environments.  

What Not To Do With A Microphone.....

Types of Microphones

A Microphone is a generic term that refers to any element that transforms acoustic energy (sound) into electrical energy (electricity, audio signal).

There are several different types of microphone designs, each being most useful in a particular setting. 

The best microphone for recording a vocal soloist is not necessarily the best one for recording an orchestra.

Dynamic Microphones - Most common mic in live music settings. 

Characteristics of Dynamic Microphones  

Highly dependable, rugged and reliable.

Reasonably insensitive to environmental factors-ideal for outdoors.

Often used for vocals.

Used for kick and snare drums, electric guitars, which generate high SPL 
(sound pressure levels).

Not effective for distance applications or sounds with lots of high frequencies.


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