Lesson 5 Digital Audio and Principles of Sampling Activity

Produce an Audio Tour        

1. Using a portable handheld digital recorder like the Zoom H2/H4, a digital personal recording device that you would find in an office supply store to record lectures/meetings (either of these devices can be borrowed-you are not required to purchase one) or a microphone and music sequencing software, produce a recorded audio tour incorporating environmental and ambient sounds.  This could be a tour of the various different rooms in your home or even sounds around and in your home.

2. The audio tour needs to be a minimum of 3 minutes in length. 

3. After you have recorded your audio tour onto the device of your choice, you will then need to import it into a music sequencing program such as Garage Band, Mixcraft or the equivalent.

4. Make any necessary edits to clean up the recording and digital audio using the sequencing program (eliminate unwanted pops and clicks or loud spikes in volume). You do not need to use effects such as reverb, chorus, etc.  This will be discussed in a later lesson. 

5. Export your audio tour as an mp3 file (or convert it to an mp3 file in a program such as iTunes).

6. Upload the mp3 to your Divshare account and then stream the file from your weebly website.  Again, check the tutorials section of this site for a video on how to do this. 

Complete Lesson 5 Workbook Assignment

Lesson 6 Music and the Internet Activity #1

Critical Listening Analysis.

Using podcatching software such as iTunes, listen to two professional podcasts and complete you analysis based on the following criteria:

1.  Provide feeds of podcasts (this is the website address that links directly to the specific podcast)

2.  Provide analysis of the following as they pertain to your chosen podcasts:
    a.  Structure:  Was the format or content elements compelling?  Why or why not?
b.  Style:  Describe the style (i.e. professional, unprofessional, etc. and why or why not?)
c. Technical Elements:  Describe the use of technical elements such as stingers, effects,   etc.  Did these elements enhance the show or detract?
d.  Content:  Was the content compelling, why or why not?

You can download the attached form in order to complete the activity.

Be sure to post the results of your analysis in the class forum.

File Size: 28 kb
File Type: doc
Download File

Lesson 6 Music and the Internet Activity #2

Create A Podcast.

Create a 2 segment podcast with the following:

 1.  Topic:  Overrated-Underrated Artists (1st segment=and overrated artist, 2nd                  segment = underrated musical artist).

2.   Create top and bottom music and stinger (can use Royalty Free Music or self composed).  The "stinger" is usually a loop that is only 1 or 2 seconds in length and will be inserted between segment 1 and segment 2 in order to distinguish the two different segments.  The top and bottom music should be no more than 15-20 seconds in length and the music should be the same for each.  Garage  Band and Mixcraft have great music for stingers and top and bottom music.

3.    Introduction or ID.

4.    Include typed script in activity submission.  This can be attached to your website by using the "file" element under the "multimedia" menu on the upper left of the weebly editor.  Just drag and drop the "file" element into your page and upload the .doc file which is your script.

5.    2-3 minutes in length.

6.    Submit podcast by publishing podcast to your podcast service and then copy and embed your podcast feed into your electronic portfolio.  (You can use Podbean for a podcast hosting service.  You'll need to create a free account there before embedding your podcast into your weebly portfolio).

Listen!!! Example of Overrated-Underrated Podcast Assignment with all production elements.

Lesson 6 Music and the Internet Activity #3

Print out the evaluation form below, then navigate through the following mp3 sites and rate each one on the following:

Best selection/genre (rock, pop, jazz, classical, rap, etc.)

Cost per song or album

Most number of songs (approximate)

Navigation of website (ease of use)

Which Digital Music Service would you use?

Be sure to post your analysis results into the class forum.

File Size: 37 kb
File Type: doc
Download File

Lesson 6 Music and the Internet Activity #4

Creating A Streaming Music Playlist Using Grooveshark

In this activity you will create a custom playlist and embed it into your e-portfolio using a streaming digital music service called Grooveshark.

1.  Go to Grooveshark.com and create a free account.
2.  Search for 5 songs you wish to use for your playlist.
3.  Add each song to your queue playlist by clicking on the "+" sign next to the song.  This will add it to your playlist at the bottom.
4.  Once you have chosen 5 songs, export your playlist.  This will take you to the next step where you will make a "widget" for it.  You will need to use the green chameleon player in order to embed multiple songs from your playlist.
5.  Follow the instructions on the grooveshark widget page.
6.  Copy the embed code for the widget in grooveshark and paste it into your weebly website using the custom html element.
7.  Publish your site and the player should play.

Complete Lesson 6 Workbook Assignment

Lesson 7 Microphone Activity #1

Radio Commercial Critical Analysis

Download and print out the radio commercial critical analysis form below.  

Then go to http://www.bestradiocommercials.com/ then click the “audio samples” link and listen to two professional radio commercials.

Complete your analysis based on the criteria included on the analysis form.

Be sure to post your results of the analysis in the class forum.

File Size: 33 kb
File Type: doc
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Lesson 7 Microphone Activity #2

Developing A Radio Commercial

Download and read the Putting Together a Radio Commercial article below.

Then using Garage Band or equivalent complete the following radio commercial project:

Total Length:  30 Secs.

1.   Find appropriate loops

2.   Develop text/script

3.  Create a music bed

4.  Record narration

5.  Edit the narration

6.  Mix, add effects and create MP3

7.  Upload and post radio commercial to your divshare account and embed it on your website

File Size: 148 kb
File Type: pdf
Download File

Example of radio commercial project with all production elements.

Complete Lesson 7 Microphone Workbook Assignment

Complete Lesson 7 Microphone Quiz