Operating System

Operating Systems and Platforms-The two prevalent platforms for personal computing are the Apple Macintosh and IBM-compatible PCs.

Each hardware platform requires its own operating system (OS), which is the program that provides the front end for storing and retrieving file, launching applications, communicating with peripherals, etc. 

The link between the user and the computer.

Though the Mac OS is different than Windows, they both have many functions and features that are similar.

Since the Operating System exists as software, it can be updated with newer versions as they are released.

It can give your computer a new look and feel and provide many enhancements without having to purchase a new computer.

Newest OS versions are Snow Leopard for Mac and 7 for Windows.

Firewire or USB?

FireWire vs. USB - The key difference between FireWire and USB is that FireWire is intended for devices working with a lot more data -- things like camcorders, DVD players and digital audio equipment. FireWire and USB share a number of characteristics but differ in some important ways.

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