Tutorial: Performing Media - Voices and Instruments

OBJECTIVE:  In lesson 3, you learned that computers and applications in music incorporate music software programs such as music notation, sequencing, intelligent, music education and software synthesizers.  As a computer music composer, it is important to understand the elements of performing media (voices and instruments) in order to effectively use this media in a music software environment.  This lesson will take a closer look into the elements and characteristics of voices and instruments.

Arnel Pineda - New vocalist for the rock band Journey


Voices - Throughout history, singing has been the most popular and familiar way of making music. 

It is difficult to sing well because we use a wider range of pitch and volume than in speaking.
Range-Is based on physical makeup and training.

There are 2 main groupings for voices:

Characteristics of The Voice

Difficult to sing well.

Use wider ranges of pitch and volume.

Hold vowel sounds longer.

Need greater supply and control of breath.

Styles and vocal methods vary between cultures.

Instruments frequently accompany vocal music:

June 22, 1969 Highly influential jazz vocalist Ella Fitzgerald with accompaniment by Ed Thigpen on drums, Frank de la Rosa on bass, and Tommy Flanagan on piano singing in the jazz 'Scat' vocal improvisation style.

Britain's Got Talent winner Paul Potts sings an operatic piece entitled Nessun Dorma


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