When you produce a script for your podcast, you can have a simple format or complex format.

See examples below.

Simple Script

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Complex Script

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Audio Production Elements

When producing a podcast, there are various important elements that need to be considered which will add interest and flare:

Top and Bottom Music (Music as a beginning & ending-Usually no more than 15 - 20 seconds)

ID's (Usually spoken - Name of your show/host, etc.)

Bumpers - Refer to piece of audio that gets you in and out of commercials.

Stingers - About 1 second long that have you transition from segments (scenes) of the podcast

Sound Effects - Breaking glass, screeching tires, etc  that help reinforce the feel and points you are trying to bring across in your podcast.

Ambient Sound
    Purpose 1 - Background feel
    Purpose 2 - Smooth transitions for studio/field (Ex. - Moving from studio to outside street environment).

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