Signal Processing and Audio Effects

Audio Effects change the sound by processing the signal in a given way. 

Distortion, chorus, flanger, and delay are just some of the ways an audio signal gets processed.

Types of Effects

Audio effects can be placed into one of four categories: 

Time  - Delays, Multi-Tap Delays, Reverbs, Chorus, Ensemble, Vibrato, Flanger, Phase Shifter, Resonator, Stereo Expader, Pitch Shifter, Intelligent Harmonizer, Doppler Effect (Increase in Pitch to Decrease in Pitch), Octave Divider.

Amplitude - Distortion, Overdrive, Exciter, Tremolo, Panner, Ring Modulator, Compressor, Limiter, Expander, Gate, De-Esser

Frequency - Vocoder, Talk Box, Formant Filter, Wah-Wah, Auto Wah, Graphic EQ, Parametric EQ

Hybrid - Rotary Speaker Simulator, Amp Simulator, Speaker Simulator, Vocal Canceler

Time Effect - Delay

Delay - Is the repeat of a signal source produced.  Distance can vary between original sound and delay. Min delay=10 - 20 milliseconds. Max=240 - 250 milliseconds.

Example of Delay

Time Effect - Echo

Echo - Is what you hear in very large spaces with reflective walls.  Think of the Grand Canyon.  Used in particular circumstances.  Use it wisely.

Example of Echo

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