Lesson 12 Intro To Film Music

“The film shows you what is going on but the music tells you what to feel.” -Bernard Hermann, Composer (composed music for Alfred Hitchcock).

Now turn down the volume of the movie and play along with the following track-What is the result?

In this unit you will acquire a basic technique for synchronizing music to picture.
Learn what timecode is and how to use it.

Start to appreciate how writing music to pictures goes well beyond the purely technical considerations.


This unit is going to demanding.  There’s a lot of technical information to understand using computer based sequencers.

Although technically challenging, the final project will greatly improve your music literacy and talent for syncing music to picture.

You are not creating “sounds” or “sound effects”.  You are not complementing the action.

As a composer, you enlarge the scope of the film.  “Emotional penetration”. 

The important thing about music is statement.

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